About Our Service

Marihuana is Medicine is a multi-faceted medical marijuana resource centre. One element of the mission of Marijuana is Medicine (Dispensary) is to actively provide Ontario patients the same fair, lawful, equal and economical availability of their required medical cannabis as is available to them for any other prescription or controlled drugs. We will help you navigate the complicated bureaucratic forms to receive medical exemption for prescribed marihuana. Marihuana is Medicine compiles and publishes accurate information about medical marijuana for the use of the public, patients, caregivers and medical practitioners.

Let Us Help You Now!

MMAR License Holders

Health Canada issues personal authorization to possess cannabis (ATP) licenses. An ATP is a federal exemption under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations of the Criminal Code of Canada. It allows the possession of a prescribed amount of marijuana for medical use.

If you already have an ATP license for medicinal marihuana, how well and compassionately are you being served?

  • Are you content with your existing service?
  • Can you afford your prescription?
  • Are the plant varieties you need available to you?

If you answer NO to any of these questions apply now. Section 56 Medical Marihuana Resource Centre will connect you with a screened, accredited, legal grower. In partnership with you and your grower, we will make sure you are provided the correct quantity of high quality product, the optimum plant strain at a reasonable price, AND we deliver.

Rather grow your own medical marihuana? At Marijuana is Medicine (Dispensary) you can access wholesale prices on hydroponic equipment and growing tips from experts.

NOT an MMAR License Holder?

Please review who is eligible to begin. Once you establish your eligibility, apply to Health Canada for a MMAR number. Contact Section 56 for further assistance about how to apply. Together and within our community, we will work to match you with the appropriate designated grower or accredited doctor should you need one.

Send Us Email at info@section56.ca